Offer for companies and institutions:

  • private investigations
  • checking the credibility, loyalty, and secrecy of trade secrets among employees at all levels
  • determining the perpetrators of the theft
  • mediation between employees
  • business intelligence
  • detection of wiretaps
  • consuling and security audits
  • verification of the reliability of trade partners in the country and abroad
  • consulting and conducting staff hearings
  • individual protection of the entrepreneur and his family
  • developing training for employees in the field of anti-terrorism
  • preparing safety procedures for company employees
  • providing counter surveillance security and preparing background for negotiations of foreign meetings
  • supporting the management of the company’s security system

Offer for individual clients:

  • civil cases
  • cryminal cases
  • business intelligence
  • negotiations
  • mediation in disputes and conflicts
  • people searching
  • victims of mobbing help
  • psychological profiling
  • victims of violence help
  • obtaining information on fidelity, divorces, weddings, property, inheritance, social and professional arrangements
  • DNA testing

There are no identical cases. We approach each problem individually with care for the good of the client.